Successfully Working Together Through Project Completion

Methodology/Project Management

Every company, large or small, embarks on any number of projects throughout the normal course of business. Some of these projects are completed without any problems, while some never get off the ground. The projects that are completed successfully are managed by a clear project plan using a framework that breaks the project into manageable pieces.

At CompIntelligence, we ensure success by deploying project management both externally, as an extension of our clients’ plan team, and internally, to ensure all resources and tasks are on plan and on time. No matter what service or product we are delivering to our clients, we utilize a consistent methodology, project planning and high levels of communication to ensure efficiency, accuracy and probability of a successful project.

Our approach and methodology include the following components:

  • Initiate
    • Identify project roles (e.g., leader, sponsor, stakeholders)
    • Highlight value of project to business and stakeholders
    • Define scope, objectives and resource requirements
  • Plan
    • Build project plan
    • Establish project deadlines
    • Set team requirements
    • Highlight project risks
    • This step experiences some overlap with initiating, but is generally defined as the key planning factors associated with the project. Some key planning activities are: time schedules, project deadline, project team requirements, and project risks.
  • Delivery
    • Review and measure all completed tasks
    • Assess tasks against quality measure set by stakeholders
    • Ensure metrics fit SMART definition, eg., specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely
  • Monitor
    • Ensure all assigned tasks have met project quality standards
    • Measure actual project performance against expected performance
    • Take action to close any gaps in project performance or quality
  • Close
    • Confirm successful completion of all tasks
    • Conduct project audit
    • Hold final project meeting
    • File and submit project-related documents for endorsement by project sponsor