Our People

Our management team has deep expertise and decades of experience in the stock plan industry.

Stock Plan Industry Expertise

CompIntelligence has over 50 employees across the United States and Canada. The majority work out of our Connecticut offices, and we have additional employees in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Texas, Tennessee, California, Florida and Montreal.

Equity Compensation Management Team

Gary Scrofani

Chief Operating Officer, Equity Compensation

Gary Scrofani, Chief Operating Officer, Equity CompensationMr. Scrofani is a leader in the equity compensation industry and has held a variety of influential roles with major software providers and consulting firms. Since joining CompIntelligence in 2006, Gary has led the growth of its Equity Compensation business through partnership development and delivery of technology solutions that provide lasting value to its wide range of clients. More recently, he developed functional requirements for the CompXchange™ product, a system integration tool utilized to exchange data between HR/Payroll platforms and Stock Administration systems.
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Sean Lembree

Managing Director, Equity Compensation

Sean Lembree, Managing Director, Equity CompensationSean Lembree is widely recognized as a pioneer in digital compensation management. He joined CompIntelligence in May, 2012 to help build the equity compensation business, grow market awareness and increase sales efforts. Sean has more than 15 years of leadership, operations, sales and marketing experience in the equity compensation industry.
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Howard Runyon

Chief Technology Officer, Equity Compensation

Howard Runyon is recognized as an innovator in the equity compensation management, with a long history of developing unique solutions for challenging problems. With his “automation first” paradigm, he has architected some of the most popular commercial and custom applications used in equity compensation.
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Michelle Tomasetti

Director, Stock Administration & Consulting, Equity Compensation

Michelle is a Certified Equity Professional (CEP), with 15 years’ experience in equity administration. She has broad expertise in equity compensation plan design, system implementation, vendor management, and employee communications relating to equity compensation plans.
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Justin Docter

Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Equity Compensation

Justin Docter, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Equity CompensationJustin Docter has spent his entire career in the finance and equity compensation management industries.  He joined CompIntelligence in February of 2013 to focus on growing direct client business, expanding partnership opportunities and establishing the resources and staffing businesses. Justin has also spent more than 12 years of his career in sales and marketing, and from 2007-2013 he held a variety of roles at Stock & Option Solutions.
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