Data Migrations/Conversions

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Equity Administration Systems Data Migrations

CompIntelligence combines technology and subject matter expertise to deliver an industry leading data migration experience to our clients. We have an entire team dedicated to data migration work.

Overall System Knowledge

CompIntelligence works with all major equity administration systems and has developed a conversion methodology to address the nuances of each one. In most cases, when we produce an initial audit report, we will show you potential errors, not based on your current system, but based on the business logic of the target system. This is due to the relationships we have with major stock administration providers who keep us up to date with new features/functionality. These same relationships allow us to be strong advocates on your behalf.

In the event you use a non-standard system, CompIntelligence will work with you to convert and reconcile your data from Excel or sets of reports that you provide.

Data Scans/Audit Checks

The single most important factor in any conversion effort is the accuracy of your data. Data may be “clean” in your current system, but that doesn’t guarantee a “clean” transition into your new system. The CompIntelligence team stays on top of all audit checks for your new system. We identify, communicate, and resolve the majority of issues on your data up front, making the conversion process quick and painless.

Some potential issues:

  • Participant ID
    Your broker of choice may have specific requirements regarding the IDs that are assigned to participants. The CompIntelligence team has worked with all major brokers and will ensure the participants’ IDs meet your broker requirements.
  • Employee Work History
    Some stock option administration systems allow grants to be issued to participants before their hire date or even after their termination date. This may cause serious complications when converting to the newer generation systems that will not allow this scenario. Your CompIntelligence conversion specialist will scan your data to identify and correct issues resulting from an invalid timeline.
  • Market Prices
    An Incentive Stock Option should not be issued below market price. While some stock option administration systems will only warn you of this scenario, most new generation systems will not allow it or may cause problems once you “go live”. CompIntelligence will identify and correct these issues.

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