Customized Reporting

CompReporting™ has robust reporting and file creation capabilities to improve stock plan communications and reporting


Eliminate cutting, pasting and other manual manipulation of equity plan data by allowing CompReporting™ to create and format reports to your specifications. Enhance and create participant communications to provide clarity and content based on your design and company branding.

CompReporting™ Infrastructure Description

  • Allows administrator access through secure website
  • Utilizes data integration functionality of CompXchange™
  • Can be set up to refresh data nightly
    • Administrator can refresh from the online reporting system on-demand, as well as ensure data is up to date
  • Outside data sources – consolidate/format information from multiple data sources/formats
  • Administrator will see a list of the reports available with links to each
  • Once a report is selected there are two options:
    • “Preview mode” – creates a single PDF file that contains all the statements
    • “Production mode” – creates a separate PDF file for each statement
  • Administrator can download the statements (in zip file to reduce file size) for distribution to employees

Email and Multi-Distribution Functionality

  • Add the ability for the administrator to email statements to employees directly from CompReporting™ application
  • Send individual statements/reports easily to your entire participant population with little effort
  • Customize subject, from address, CC/BCC, and introductory message
  • Send test emails prior to live distribution as Attach report as PDF with an optional password

Report Examples

  • Total Rewards Report
    • Participant statement pulling an employee’s equity holdings, base pay, 401k, sales commissions, etc. to provide a “total” compensation statement
  • Total Equity Report
    • Participant statement pulling together all equity holdings by type
    • Can include column for local currency (if other than USD)
  • Confirmations
    • Exercise
    • Release
    • Purchase
  • Year-end Tax Summary
  • 6039 Compliance
    • 3921 & 3922 statement for participants
  • Equity Excel Calculator
    • Each spreadsheet will display participant’s various equity grants (all different types) and details of those grants – grant date, price, vesting schedules, dividend information, Performance Award details, Restricted Award details, and Stock Option details, and totals based on current stock price. Participant will be able to enter an estimated stock price and recalculate totals based on that estimated price.
  • New Award Letter
    • A merged document that outlines the key details of a new award. Selection is by participant and grant date range. One letter will be created for each participant and award type combination in the grant date range e.g. if a PSU and RSA granted on the same date, two letters will be created.

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