6039 Solutions

6039 Compliance Services

6039 Solutions

CompIntelligence brings you the most complete solution for 6039 compliance services. Our 6039 solutions offer you a secure, full-service outsourced solution for filing your 6039 employee statements (Forms 3921 and 3922), IRS filing, and a website for employees as part of the standard solution.

We will work with you to obtain the required data files, and will do the rest for you. What sets us apart is that we also provide web access to all participants as part of our standard solution, so they can view their statements online. The self-serve website allows employees to log in and view/print/save their statements.

Our standard solution includes:
Participant Statements: Creation of the 3921 (ISO) and 3922 (ESPP) forms for employees.
Fulfillment: Printing/mailing of participant statements with cover letter, FAQ, etc.
IRS File: Creation of the IRS file in the required formats and filing on the IRS’s FIRE system.
Participant Website: Online access for participants to view/print/save their 3921 and 3922 statements as well as frequently asked questions.
Audit Package: Includes a PDF version of participant statements, IRS files, and all


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