Stock Plan Outsourcing & Administration

A flexible approach with expert assistance for implementing and managing a client's ongoing equity plan administration needs

Stock Plan Administration Outsourcing

CompIntelligence offers a stock plan administration outsourcing solution that combines our stock plan expertise with back-office, day-to-day operational processing to provide both daily plan administration and client-side management. It combines a flexible approach with expert assistance for implementing and managing a client’s ongoing equity plan administration needs.

Eliminate the difficult recruiting process to find and train stock plan experts. We maintain a team of leading equity professionals to ensure that you achieve your goals. CompIntelligence is at your side every step of the way with guidance and support. Whether you need a quick fix or long-term strategy, our expert administrators provide the help you need to get the results you count on.

Why Outsourcing?

  • When it doesn’t make sense to hire another FT individual or you don’t have enough time or staff to devote to all the equity compensation tasks
  • Allows our equity plan experts to manage any or all aspects of your stock plan administration requirements
  • Provides a dedicated account manager who will be your primary ongoing point of contact and an expert on your program and company needs
  • Coordinates both the internal resources and external vendors involved
  • Offers full or part-time options
  • Provides ad hoc or long-term contract options
  • Enables scalable resources as your activity levels change

Standard Stock Plan Outsourcing Diagram

CompXsourcing Stock Plan Administration Services Diagram

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