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Expert Resources to Guide the Planning and Transition to a Publicly-Held Company

IPO Transition Consulting

There are many changes that a private market company will go through in the process of becoming a publicly-held company. This offering is for newly-public companies or companies about to IPO, and focuses on all aspects of their equity compensation plan needs. Our compensation experts conduct a comprehensive set of transition activities, including

  • Collaborate with newly-public companies or those about to IPO to review the changes required in their Equity Compensation program
    • Review mechanics of exercise and vesting, control and reconciliation points, and interaction with Transfer Agent
    • Review Executive issues, e.g. blackout periods, 10b5-1 plans, pre-clearance, tax issues
    • Examine participant training and communication requirements
  • Analyze client needs and assist with establishing an administration solution
    • Identify solution specification, recommend outsourcing vs. internal administration
    • Assist vendor selection
      • Create business case and executive presentation to justify decision
      • Help with RFP creation and coordination
  • Implement new solution
    • Create and manage project plan and timeline for the project
    • Review plan design and parameters, including transactions allowed, tax payment methods, recordkeeping, vesting
    • Act as liaison between all outside vendors, and internal and external stakeholders
    • Assist with data migration to administration platform
    • Assist with creating automated data feeds and data integration between HR/Payroll and new provider
    • Run internal and external status meetings
    • Create communication campaign
      • Review existing communications, including award agreements, prospectuses, FAQs, and participant training
      • Update existing communications and create new communications as needed
      • Facilitate participant training, if required
  • Starting with the CompIntelligence training slides, create an Equity Plan Basics custom presentation tailored for each client’s plan. Customized areas include:
    • Termination rules
    • Transactions allowed
    • Tax payment methods
    • Vesting specifics
    • Contact information
    • Website demo if applicable

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