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Participant Education and Corporate Training are Essential Building Blocks for any Equity Plan

Employee Equity Plan – Participant Education

An equity compensation plan is an important employee benefit, yet too often companies do not adequately communicate its value to their participants. Employee equity plan concepts are complex and the rules can be confusing to employees – especially if this is their first experience with stock-based awards. CompIntelligence will partner with the client and the client’s broker to deliver all levels of training on-site or via the web.

We can assist clients on a wide range of topics and with a variety of delivery methods.

Customized equity plan training areas include:

  • Termination rules
  • Transactions allowed
  • Tax payment methods
  • Vesting specifics
  • Contact information
  • Website demo if applicable
  • Training can be for all plan participants or for a special group, e.g. new plan participants, executives, managers
  • Training available for a variety of topics including:
    • Stock option plans
    • Restricted award plans
    • Employee stock purchase plans
    • Performance plans
  • Executive issues: 10b5-1 plans, holding guidelines, pre-clearance procedures

Employee Equity Plan – Corporate Training

Often coupled with best practice and process analysis, corporate training is designed to ensure internal staff have the knowledge to administer the employee equity plans.

New hires, new plans, new systems and new brokers are all excellent occasions to get additional training for your staff. Below are a few common corporate training areas:

  • System reporting
  • Transaction processing
  • Equity compensation basics

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