Thought Leadership

CompIntelligence works on a multitude of diverse projects and faces new challenges on a consistent basis. Our comfort with complexity and diversity, combined with the industry knowledge of our consultants, make us uniquely qualified to analyze and help our clients understand the direction of the industry and its technology. At CompIntelligence, on any given day, we work with many different systems, many different equity types, and many different vendors to overcome the challenges of the ever-changing requirements of our industry. The nature and definition of our business demands that our expertise is constantly deepening, and CompIntelligence Thought Leadership allows us to share this knowledge and give clients new insights into ways to tackle critical issues in compensation plan management.


Your Journey to System Integration

Everyone does it. You have those reports you run that you have to cut, paste, reformat, add formulas, add a pivot table, etc. Manual data manipulation equals lost productivity, increased costs, and increased risk. This session compares and contrasts actual experiences and “journey” to automation. This session gives real life examples of experiences and provides examples of simple tips that attendees can put into action on their own without having to hire a consultant.

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Manual Labor Lunacy

In today’s world of data we all need information now. With different systems such as HR, Payroll, Stock Administration, etc. it is more imperative that these systems communicate with each other. This session addresses real life experiences with integrating multiple systems thereby eliminating the need for manual entry and allowing the data to be accessible exactly when needed. Once the integration and automation is complete, you’ll now have time to focus on your core business and responsibilities.

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