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CompXchange is an add-on module to Stock Plan Companion™. 

CompXchange™ technology has been serving the marketplace for the last ten years with over 500 implementations, helping clients with integration, consolidation, and file creation. Whether using data from your stock plan software, HR/payroll system, spreadsheets or other data sources, we’ll deliver your data in the format that works best for your business process.

Employee Demographic Updates

Employee address changes, tax treatment, terminations and other information are uploaded from HR/Payroll to the stock plan software system on demand.

Tax Updates

Employee year-to-date tax is synchronized for supplemental income, FICA, State Tax and other tax categories that you set up. Taxes from exercises and other taxable events flow from the SOA system back to Payroll while YTD regular income in Payroll is properly updated in the stock plan software system.

CompXchange Diagram


Synchronize ESPP eligibility, enrollment, and contribution data between HR/Payroll and your stock plan software system, eliminating manual report modifications.

Complete Automation

Automating updates between systems allows you to schedule the process to run from your stock plan software system to HR/Payroll and also from HR/Payroll to your stock plan software system. Email notifications are sent to user defined contact or group of contacts, with status of the process, so you can manage by exception.

System Security

Set up user access privileges by user within CompXchange™. This allows you complete flexibility in determining who should have access to our sensitive data. Data transfer happens through secure FTP and is PGP encrypted at all times for the best in industry standard data security.

Data Changes

CompXchange™ compares each new data feed with what exists in the target system and reports back what data will be changed. This allows you to notify other departments of specific updates so they can take any action that may be required.

Configuration and Setup

CompXchange™ is hosted in the cloud, so there is no software for you to install locally. This makes it an easy implementation process. There is little, sometimes no, IT support needed and in most cases the system is up and running within a couple weeks.

At the core of the application is a data mapping function that makes sure that data located in one system is properly translated to the other. For example, if employee country is express as “USA” in your HR system but expressed as “United States” in the stock plan software system, CompXchange™ is configured as such and does the translation accordingly. CompIntelligence manages the implementation by defining the translation “rules” according to your requirements. Some clients have multiple HR and payroll systems and with CompXchange we can configure this so each system is getting the right data at the right time.


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