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CompXcelerate is an add-on module to Stock Plan Companion™. 

CompXcelerate streamlines your business process workflows. Powerful, flexible, and built to save you time.

You probably have a set of tasks that you perform regularly (daily/weekly/monthly), some of which may take hours or even days to complete. These multi-step tasks can be completed in minutes using the Stock Plan Companion™ automation wizard. The system performs all calculations, runs audit checks, and performs any additional functions needed to complete your automation. Exchange rates can be applied to any process. Each automation is programmed for your personalized business needs – we’ve yet to find a business process we can’t automate!

Our team of experts will work with you to define an automation solution that works with your specific business process.

Stock Plan Companion Automation

Applies To: Companies that would like a more personal email to be distributed to employees that are receiving a new grant.

Description: This process analyzes a standard grant report and will create customized emails that can be sent to employees.Several email templates can be created and applied to each participant based on custom business logic. An example of this is having a different email template, along with separate standard attachments, for each country, business unit, etc.

Applies To: Companies that have multiple subsidiaries and need to report transactions to each subsidiary on a frequent basis.

DescriptionThis process allows for a single transaction file loaded from the equity system to be parsed into any configured subsidiary, where a separate file is created for each subsidiary. In addition, an email template is created for each subsidiary with the subsidiary specific transaction file attached. Any subsidiary configured that does not have any transactions will still get an email indicating that there were no transaction for that subsidiary (allowing the subsidiary to know there were no transactions).

Applies To:Companies that have global and/or multiple payroll systems

DescriptionThis process allows for the creation of multiple payroll files from a single transaction file. Each payroll file can have its’ own file format and business rules. Currency conversion can be applied at the transaction level if applicable. Exchange rates can either be provided by CompIntelligence or the client. This process works with ESPP transactions as well.

Applies To: Companies wishing to perform a pre-audit of any employee that may trigger a split of Medicare Surtx during an upcoming release

DescriptionThis process will analyze a pre-release report from the equity system, along with current YTD information, and determine the employees that will be subject to a Medicare Surtax during the actual release process.

Applies To: Companies that require a complex audit between multiple systems of record to ensure termination logic is being applied correctly.

DescriptionThis process allows a company to perform a detailed reconciliation between the companies’ equity system and HR system. The process ensures that the equity system accurately reflects termination rule processing based on data from the HR system. Specifically, it validates that the appropriate number of shares are cancelled or accelerated based on the companies’ termination and retirement eligibility rules.


Stock Plan Companion Automation