Stock Plan Companion™

Bring Your Stock Plan Data to Life

Stock Plan Companion

Bring Your Stock Plan Data to Life

With Stock Plan Companion™, the information you need is always just a click away. We connect your existing systems to bring your stock plan data to life! We make your stock plan data go further by giving you more control over your data and quick & easy access to the information you need most.


Stock Plan Companion Product Suite


Dashboards give you instant access to critical stock plan information, making manually mining and manipulating data a thing of the past. Summary, Finance, and Insider dashboards are pre-configured for you by experts, providing daily updates to crucial data points.


Communications makes it easy to use any fields from your stock plan data to distribute information using pre-built email templates. Communications also includes access to Smart Lists to determine who each communication is sent to. Smart Lists create subsets of your population to simplify email distribution, and automatically update as your data changes.

Q&A Smart Search Notifications

Notifications can be sent straight to your inbox to ensure you always have the information you need. These alerts inform you of any changes to your data, keeping you compliant and on top of your tasks list. In addition to standard notifications, custom notifications can be created to let you know of any changes in your stock plan business processes.

Smart SearchQ&A Smart Search

Q&A Smart Search utilizes business intelligence to allow you to search on any query related to your stock plan data for immediate results. Machine learning enables the system to learn your habits, getting smarter the more you use it!


Do Even More with Your Data with Add-On Modules


Integration connects existing stock plan data with HR, payroll, and any other systems or data sources. Eliminate the need to key in data to multiple locations, and rest assured that information is always accurate and consistent across systems.


Automation transforms repetitive, manual business processes performed daily/weekly/monthly into streamlined workflows. Multi-step tasks which take hours or days to perform can be completed in minutes.


Reporting uses your existing stock plan data to create outputs in whatever format you’re looking for, such as consolidated spreadsheets, participant statements, or board reports. Activate this module and choose from a standard set of reports, or allow our experts to create one with you.

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