Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Even in the best circumstances, finding qualified employees for short-term or permanent positions can be time consuming and costly. CompIntelligence has deep experience in equity compensation, and utilize our extensive network of industry contacts to find you the right candidates. Let us help you find the right coverage – where, when and how you need it.

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Why CompIntelligence?

CompIntelligence is backed by years of industry expertise. Our placement team is made up of equity compensation professionals who understand the unique requirements of the job, are equipped to ask the right questions, and utilize their expansive network to bring you qualified candidates. Our relationship with each candidate doesn’t end once they start on your assignment. They are able to leverage the knowledge of our in-house experts for the duration of your assignment to ensure success.

Flexible Options

We offer a number of flexible placement options:

  • Interim Staffing – Flexible interim staffing options for onsite support, remote support, or a combination of the two. We present each qualified equity professional and facilitate screenings via phone or video call.
  • Temp-to-Perm – This option allows you to verify that a candidate is a fit for your organization before transitioning them to a full-time employee. We work with you to understand your requirements and identify potential matches, both in experience and company culture. Once a candidate is selected, they will work on your team as a contractor through CompIntelligence. At the end of their contract assignment, you will make a decision on whether you would like to bring them on as a permanent hire.
  • Permanent Placement – We utilize our nationwide network to recruit candidates that match your qualifications. CompIntelligence will pre-screen all candidates, submit them for your review, and facilitate your internal interview process.
  • Long-Term Part-Time Administration – Clients choose our CompXsourcing model when they need help but don’t currently have a need for a full-time plan administrator. CompXsourcing offers managed stock plan services, with short-term and long-term engagement options. We deliver experienced, knowledgeable resources that can scale effort as needs and activity levels fluctuate. Learn more.

Our Network

Equity Plan Expertise

With a focus on equity plan administration, we understand the industry and the unique qualifications needed to succeed in a wide range of different roles in the equity compensation industry.

 The Right Talent

We work throughout the year to continuously expand our nationwide network with qualified equity compensation professionals so we can have the hard work done upfront, and bring you top talent quicker by matching your requirements with our existing pool of candidates.

 Available Resources

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Our Process

Our proven process and active involvement in the industry guarantees access to the most qualified candidates in equity compensation. We’ll not only help you find the right candidate, but assist in the entire hiring process, start to finish.

  • Recruiting – We are continuously making connections with potential candidates, so we always have a vast network of equity compensation professionals to fill your role – whether you’re looking for temporary resources, temp-to-perm, or permanent placement
  • Vetting – Our extensive vetting process includes screening each candidate for relevant skills, experience, certifications, personality, work ethic, desired salary, and any qualifications unique to your needs
  • Background Check & References – Background and reference checks are recommended to validate the vetting process
  • Relationship Management –  We are your partner throughout the hiring process and manage the relationship between you and potential candidates