Oracle Hyperion Smart View

Clients working with CompIntelligence to improve their enterprise performance need real time access to data through a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard of pertinent information. For a common interface that works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), we partner with Oracle Smart View for Office (Smart View). Smart View enables users to import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and serves as a comprehensive tool for accessing and integrating EPM and BI content from Microsoft Office products.

Hyperion Smart View Features

Smart View is unique in its ease-of-use and flexibility. Users can conduct ad hoc or free-form analysis, can interact with predefined forms, design and create new reports, access pre-created content, or integrate data from disparate sources. A typical free-form analysis user might, for instance, pull, alter and shape sales data from Essbase to answer a profitability question, while a predefined form user may conduct planning based on data housed in spreadsheets and workbook-based models. Report design is ideal for making use of EPM data retrieval, and can be used to compare budgets or propose multiple scenarios.

Hyperion Smart View Benefits

Smart View’s ability to integrate EPM data directly from a data source into Microsoft Office applications enables employees to harness the power of data to gain insight into the business and further improve performance and operations in a number of ways. The user-friendly interface brings full analysis of HFM, Essbase, Hyperion Planning and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Data from Relational or Multi-Dimensional sources to users’ desktops. Further, it provides an alternative interface for leveraging Hyperion Planning, HFM and Hyperion Workforce Planning data entry forms. Smart View also enables users to execute Hyperion reporting jobs from within Office applications and to create reports in in Excel, Word and PowerPoint using EPM and BI data.

CompIntelligence Consulting can help you get the most out of your EPM solutions using Smart View.