Oracle Hyperion Planning

Many of our clients struggle with planning and budgeting processes that are long, laborious and ineffective. These efforts often involve gathering data from disparate systems across the enterprise and can provide results divorced from ever-changing business conditions. To help clients reduce planning cycle times and improve the reliability of forecasts, CompIntelligence partners with Oracle and its Hyperion Planning solution. Planning uses desktop, mobile and Microsoft Office interfaces to support enterprise-wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting, that align with enterprise goals.

Hyperion Planning Features

Hyperion Planning brings data from across cost centers and lines of business together in a single place to improve user insight into performance. Guided task flows and workflow capabilities support efficient use and review, while predictive planning capabilities can generate statistical predictions over short or long periods.
Collaborative web interfaces allow users to work concurrently on their plans and issue user-friendly reports based on instant calculations of large volumes of data. User-friendly dashboards and reports can be created and shared in minutes, with any changes made in Oracle Hyperion Planning instantaneously reflected in the data. Further, email notifications and alerts allow users to track progress and changes to budgets and forecasts.

Hyperion Planning Benefits

Oracle Hyperion Planning is part of CompIntelligence’s comprehensive approach to improving our clients’ business performance. By streamlining the process of gathering and integrating disparate reports from multiple business units across the enterprise, Hyperion Planning reduces the budgeting and planning cycle time by weeks and, sometimes, even months. Further, the shortened response time and flexibility of Oracle Hyperion Planning ensure that results are based on the latest data and decisions are made based on timely insights.

Oracle Hyperion Planning is based on hybrid architecture and is built to scale with your company’s growth. Its flexibility and web interface make it easy to use, while its instant calculation and rapid aggregation enable users to customize plans and scenarios for individual business units. The resulting collaboration spreads ownership of data and reporting throughout the enterprise and increases collaboration in the planning and forecasting process.

CompIntelligence Education also offers Oracle Hyperion Planning training courses for new administrators and end users on-site, virtually, and in public classroom settings.

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