Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting

Many of today’s businesses struggle with efficiently developing regulator-compliant and stakeholder-ready reports. In addition to relying on our in-house expertise, we often partner with Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting (FRS) to help our clients generate book-quality management and financial reports.


FRS is a module included in Oracle’s Hyperion performance management applications that uses enterprise data to create reports for a range of audiences. Boardroom-quality presentations can be delivered in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, Office and mobile, and delivered either as live data or static snapshots. Reports can be developed on an automated schedule, draw on the most recent data, and users can collaborate on production across business functions and departments.


FRS reduces the time and cost of generating financial and management reports while improving results through accuracy and collaboration. FRS takes the cost of relying on the IT department out of the process by enabling non-technical, user-friendly tasks, like scheduling regular reports for online delivery, sending automated email alerts, saving batches of reports, and creating books of saved reports.

Further, by allowing users to access and analyze live data, FRS ensures that reports are timely and accurate, and a centralized data server ensures that everyone is using the same numbers.

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CompIntelligence Education also offers Hyperion Financial Reporting training courses in Hyperion Financial Management, Planning and Essbase for administrators, developers, power and end users on-site, virtually, and in public classroom settings.

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