Oracle Hyperion Enterprise

CompIntelligence is uniquely qualified to support clients upgrading to Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) as well as those remaining on the Enterprise platform. We install and support the latest HFM to meet client needs for better planning and budgeting, regulatory compliance and scalability. But, unlike Oracle, we continue to support questions related to Oracle Hyperion Enterprise for those organizations that want to get the most from their existing investments.

Supporting Enterprise

CompIntelligence supports Hyperion Enterprise applications through our EpmXsourcing™ program. Flexibly designed, the level of support provided is determined by our clients need to keep Enterprise going.

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The Upgrade Path to HFM

With our extensive Enterprise and HFM experience, we help you determine the best path and timing for your upgrade. Beyond the availability of support from Oracle, there are other solid reasons to make the move. Hyperion Enterprise has many functional and technical limitations that have been addressed in HFM. Some of these include:

  • Dimensionality
  • Scalability
  • Lack of support for Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Lack of planning and budgeting features
  • Poor drill down and pivot functionality
  • Windows and IE compatibility

Whatever the issues driving your move, the CompIntelligence team will assist you in this process. From infrastructure requirements, administration and end user training, implementation design, build and roll-out, clients count on CompIntelligence.

Infrastructure Assistance

Our infrastructure consultants review your current environment and use our experience and best practices to select the right hardware for optimal size and performance. Then we help you install and configure your environments from Development (DEV) to Test (QA) and Production (PROD), ensuring a clean installation and a solid configuration.

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Design - It’s More Than “Lift and Shift”

Moving from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Financial Management is not just a matter of installing and configuring the software.  Getting maximum return on investment from your HFM software license requires carefully and thoughtfully designing your new application. We have, on multiple occasions, been called in to clean up the mess created when clients invest in new servers and then simply migrate their current applications to the new platform. This “lift and shift” approach, while expeditious in the short term, often results in slower application performance, and blocks delivery of any useful HFM functionality.

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Education – Critical to Project Success

Today, many companies choose the “knowledge transfer” route during their upgrade from Enterprise to HFM. Figuring that their teams already understand Enterprise, they assume they do not need to invest in training on HFM as they design and build their new application...

The reality is that the knowledge transfer approach has left many new HFM users unable to do their jobs satisfactorily. CompIntelligence knows that a self-sufficient client is the most satisfied client. We recommend that clients attend training before projects begin to establish a solid foundation for full participation in designing and building the application. To help clients meet that goal, we offer training courses in our own Hyperion training environment for administrators, project teams, developers, and IT staff. We also offer custom training and documentation for power users and end users so that they can learn on their own application.

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Whether you stay or go, CompIntelligence can assist.