OneStream XF

A Truly Unified Solution for Corporate Performance Management


OneStream XF Features

OneStream XF is unique in its ability to deliver financial consolidation performance, flexibility and functionality while simultaneously delivering a turnkey end user workflow solution. Unlike other leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) offerings, OneStream XF takes advantage of 64-bit technology and optimizes the utilization of multi-core servers for true hardware scalability. This provides faster mapping with multi-threaded transformations, faster consolidation with multi-threaded entities, and faster calculations with multi-threaded formula calculations during entity processing.

OneStream XF is also optimized for virtualized cloud deployments that take advantage of virtualization benefits without the high cost of a SAAS model.

OneStream XF Benefits

OneStream XF lowers the cost and risk of deployment and ownership, including software and maintenance fees, infrastructure, consulting fees and internal resources required to install, implement, learn, upgrade, own and maintain the software. With a single product to understand and use, the learning curve for employees is much shorter and training costs are reduced. Alignments and integrations following reorganizations or acquisitions are also cheaper and easier to do.

At the same time, OneStream XF’s packaged functionality, formulas and Guided Workflow help drive down the time, cost and learning curve for new implementations. Integration time, cost and risk are also reduced. With OneStream XF, the platform can be easily extended for additional solutions, and business units can inherit critical corporate standards, such as rules, logic and calculations across the single application. All these factors reduce the time it takes to turn data into insights, as the entire organization works from the same set of data and does not waste time on redundant calculations, rules and logic builds.

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