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OneStream XF

We implement and support OneStream XF, a single, unified corporate perfromance management (CPM) software platform for financial consolidation, planning and analytics. OneStream XF is an important tool that CompIntelligence consultants use to help clients improve agility and better respond to changing business conditions at lower costs.

As a OneStream Software partner, CompIntelligence has been certified to implement and support the OneStream XF product.

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Oracle Hyperion
Enterprise Performance Management Suite

Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI), to support a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes.

We work with, and build on, the industry-leading EPM suite of our Oracle partner to tailor solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. The Oracle Hyperion Suite of EPM products were first delivered to the marketplace in the 1980s. Initially developed by a team of ex-finance folks at the privately held IMRS in Stamford, CT and Milan, Italy, the product solved a major challenge experienced by the finance departments of large, multinational organizations: the ability to efficiently and accurately roll up the numbers from the smallest sales office or production facility in the remotest area to the department, the region, the division, and ultimately to corporate where all types of consolidation, eliminations, foreign currency conversions, and reporting was required for legal reporting to the SEC and Wall Street; and for management reporting to the executive and management teams that wanted the numbers for analysis.

Hyperion provided the financial intelligence and reporting capability not found in the general ledger (GL) or ERP systems that existed. It understood the entity structure of the organization and the myriad business calculations that needed to be performed on the data in order to produce accurate reports.

The EPM Suite includes:

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