Technology Support Services

Providing Multiple Levels of Technology Support to Meet Your Needs

CompIntelligence cpmXsourcing™ - Technology Support option gives clients the comfort of knowing that their CPM/EPM environment is being monitored by a team of competent, experienced technology consultants who are experts in optimizing their products and environment.

CompIntelligence technology consultants work to become familiar with clients’ CPM/EPM environments, including configurations, software releases and patch levels, and provide multiple levels of technology support:

  • Installation/configuration of application
  • Software patches or other fixes ensuring a stable platform
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Performance analysis and improvements
  • Periodic environment maintenance tasks and clean-up
  • On-call support during monthly and quarterly close cycles
  • On-site or remote presence

CpmXsourcing™ Technology Support Examples

A heavy equipment manufacturer

  • High level technical support for issue resolution
  • Back-up support

An aviation systems manufacturer

  • Full time, on-going maintenance
  • Full time, on-going technical support

A financial brokerage firm

  • Primary technical support