Support Services

At CompIntelligence, we pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships. We are here for the long term to work with you as your business evolves, grows and changes. In 2014, we brought all of our support programs under one umbrella and called it EpmXsourcing™. EpmXsourcing™ provides a flexible approach to supporting and managing our clients’ ongoing enterprise performance management (EPM) administration and technology needs. The EpmXsourcing™ model enables CompIntelligence to assume as many or as few system administration and client-side management tasks as required, and to coordinate with both internal resources and external teams to meet each client’s EPM management needs.

epmXsourcing Diagram

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Full or Back-up Administration

An EPM environment operates 24 x 7 x 365. There are data to collect, calculations to be run and reports to be generated on a regular basis, each and every month. The SEC will not wait for your business to report on time simply because your administrator quit, or fell ill in the middle of your close. The cycle must go on. CompIntelligence can help you to ensure that it does.

Our Staffing Specialists assist clients in defining what type of support is required and for how long. Our Consulting and Education practices then identify potential resources capable of successfully supporting each client scenario. Once approved as a match by the client, the CompIntelligence resources work on site to learn your environment and meet your team. Then, staying on site or working remotely, the CompIntelligence resource will perform in the required role as a member of your team.

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Periodic Administration

Many companies have periodic application support requirements that must be performed above and beyond day-to-day administrative tasks. Without additional help from someone like an experienced back up administrator, this work can keep your team burning the midnight oil. In these cases, clients take advantage of the EpmXsourcing™ program. CompIntelligence helps to identify the tasks that you need performed on a periodic basis and assigns the right resources to get them done.

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Technology Support

The EPM environment is a complex one, with multiple servers, networks and products. CompIntelligence Infrastructure Consultants serve as another layer of support, perform specific periodic tasks and serve as an escalation point for clients.

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