Enterprise Performance Management Solution Selection

Evaluate EPM Solutions for Your Organization

Helping Clients Plan and Evaluate Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Large organizations currently perform their CPM/EPM tasks using a variety of tools. And so when they decide that they have outgrown their current platform or realize that it’s not meeting their needs for performance, application capabilities or flexibility, they face a landscape of multiple solutions and approaches to choose from. Whether you currently use spreadsheets, have a homegrown solution or  currently using OneStream or Oracle Hyperion products,  CompIntelligence practice leaders can help you plan for and evaluate your next move.

Consulting Tailored to Your Needs

The CompIntelligence Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management teams will help to prioritize your goals, rationalize your time line and budget, and identify the right software solutions to meet your requirements. With our depth of experience and network of contacts within the CPM/EPM industry, we provide objective assistance with everything from introductions to actively managing the RFP and selection process.

To discuss your specific needs, contact a EPM consultant