Infrastructure Consulting

Optimizing Your Corporate Performance Management Environment

Infrastructure Consultants

Planning, installing, configuring and supporting your OneStream or Oracle Hyperion environment can be a challenging task when relying on internal resources alone. To address your entire infrastructure needs from pre to post go-live and beyond, the CompIntelligence Infrastructure Consulting team can assist you with efficient, cost-effective management no matter where you are today with your performance management solution.

Implementations and Upgrades

During a CPM/EPM implementation or upgrade project, our infrastructure consultants assist clients with the following tasks to ensure a stable development, test and production environment:

  • Review current environment
  • Establish performance benchmarks and install requirements
  • Install and configure software for selected release
  • Ensure disaster recovery and other key infrastructure requirements
  • Provide best practice and knowledge transfer for ongoing support

Software Installation/Configuration

Since client environments vary widely, CompIntelligence does not offer a standard class in software installation and configuration for IT Support personnel. We find it most efficient and effective to follow a “shadowing” process with technical training such that the client’s technical team will observe the actual installation of development and can ask questions and make notes throughout the process based upon their specific environment. A review is then held when we install the production server. If a third server is to be installed, we recommend that the client then completes this installation process following our documentation with our consultant available to guide and support.

After system validation and baseline tuning to the respective software vendors’ specifications, CompIntelligence infrastructure consultants typically provide a historical account of the work performed as system documentation that can be referenced by the client going forward.

On-going Support: EpmXsourcing™

CompIntelligence currently has an on-going relationship with multiple clients under EpmXsourcing™, our flexible approach to providing assistance in supporting and managing a client’s ongoing performance management administration and support needs. The EpmXsourcing™ model enables CompIntelligence to assume as many or as few system administration and client-side management tasks as required. We will coordinate with both the internal resources and external teams involved in each client’s CPM/EPM management needs.

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Performance Issues

Performance issues arise for many reasons such as the implementation of a new structure or set of entities, a re-design resulting from an acquisition or spinoff, or the installation of a seemingly straightforward patch or upgrade to a new release. What used to take 10 minutes now takes 14 hours and no one knows why.

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