Application and Process Reviews

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EPM Application Reviews

EPM environments are complex and reach far beyond the Finance office. Given the interconnectedness and interdependencies involved, CompIntelligence technology and finance consultants assist clients in reviewing their applications, processes and environments to ensure that they are operating optimally.

Is your consolidation taking too long? Is your close process inefficient and fraught with unexpected data issues? Are your business rules too complex to untangle and maintain?

CompIntelligence design consultants will perform a thorough evaluation of your application and processes and provide you with recommendations to improve, streamline and enhance it.

CompIntelligence infrastructure consultants will review your environment footprint and design and perform testing to ensure it is tuned appropriately and performing optimally.

The CompIntelligence Education team can also work with you to assess the skill level of your EPM staff and recommend a training path to enhance skills and empower your users. Experience has shown us that an educated user is typically a satisfied user.

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