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Maximizing your EPM investment

Comprehensive EPM Services

Our experts identify issues and establish goals, review existing capabilities, make recommendations for potential solutions, ensure successful installation and migration from existing systems, and offer ongoing support in all areas of:

  • EPM Financial Consolidation and Reporting
  • EPM Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Business Intelligence
  • EPM Enterprise Application Integration

EPM Solution Selection

The CompIntelligence EPM team will help to prioritize your needs, rationalize your time line and budget, and identify the right software solutions to meet your requirements. With our depth of experience and network of contacts within the EPM industry, we provide objective assistance with everything from introductions to actively managing the RFP and selection process for you.

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Education & Training

We know that technology is only effective if successfully adopted by those who need it. CompIntelligence Education offers a variety of training and education options, by role and product, delivered in a flexible format to suit client needs. We also offer CPE Credit to those finance professionals who accrue them as part of their annual training. Accredited through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, (NASBA), each credit is equivalent to 50 minutes of continuous education in our product.

Whether you are an administrator, power user, casual end user or developer/IT support person, we have a class for you.

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EPM Implementations and Upgrades

CompIntelligence began working with the original version of Oracle Hyperion’s financial consolidation and reporting solutions in the early 1980s, with IMRS/Micro Control, and later, as technology evolved Hyperion Enterprise, now HFM; Pillar Planning, now Hyperion Planning; and Upstream, now FDM. As a result, our teams have worked with literally hundreds of client designs and implementations across multiple industries. When you’re considering a new implementation or an upgrade project with the Hyperion suite of products, turn to the people who have been working with it throughout its history.

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Application and Process Reviews

EPM environments are complex and reach far beyond the Finance office. Given the interconnectedness and interdependencies involved, CompIntelligence technology and finance consultants assist clients in reviewing their applications and environments to ensure that they are operating optimally from an application, process and performance perspective. Is your consolidation taking too long? Is your close process inefficient and fraught with unexpected data issues? Are your business rules too complex to untangle and maintain? We can help.

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Infrastructure Services

Client environments vary widely. Without a stable set of environments from the start, your implementation can be rocky at best. Issues can crop up that can be totally avoided with the proper installation and configuration of your environment. That starts with sizing up your needs for hardware, connectivity, application complexity and performance.

CompIntelligence Infrastructure Consultants will assist you in this pre-planning process as well as in the actual installation and configuration of your software. We’ll then be there throughout the project to support the team as you develop, test and finally migrate to the production environment and beyond.

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EPM Staffing and Placement Services

Our EPM network of skilled consultants and contacts is very broad. If you lose an administrator or experienced power user, we can assist by supplying temporary staff until you find the right replacement. If you are looking to hire an EPM experienced person permanently, we can also assist with everything from a referral to a full search for qualified candidates to interview and hire.

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