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Join our seasoned team of Experts for LIVE Webinars featuring pertinent topics designed to help you make informed and timely decisions regarding your EPM/CPM solutions. Attendance is free of charge. Register below and we’ll follow up with a reminder a few days before the session.

A list of our upcoming webinars will be available soon. In the meantime, catch up on any of our past webinars you may have missed by viewing our recordings. 

Past Webinars

Cash Flow Made Easy in HFM

The best HFM applications have the least amount of rules. Learn how to create virtually maintenance free cash flow within HFM while providing complete audit and visibility into every number and allow for ease of adjustments and topsides. This design simplifies the most complex cash flow reporting with a minimal rule set that does not need to be touched again. Join one of our premier rules experts and design leads in he world to learn how to implement this approach and satisfy the most ardent demands for flexibility and transparency in your cash flow reporting at all levels of your organization.

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Moving From FDM to FDMEE: It’s Not a Lift and Shift

Think it’s just a “lift and shift” of your existing FDM application? Not so fast! Though it may appear to be FDM “Classic” with a shiny new interface, new adopters would be wise to understand how FDMEE may impact their current FDM design before upgrading. In this session, we’ll discuss how these differences impact your current data flow and discuss the important design issues to consider before making the move. For a smoother migration, attend this session filled with information you won’t find in the documentation. Join our Oracle EPM Senior Application & Integration Consultant, Chris Conry, as he walks through the impact on your current data flow. A questions and answer session will follow.

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know? Explore the Value, Justification and Options for Hyperion Training

Have you ever been in this situation? Your company purchased Hyperion.  Your implementation partner told you not to worry about  training.  They would “transfer” their knowledge to your team throughout the project.  At the end, you went live, they left, and you knew what you knew about your application.

This webinar explores five critical questions about the value of Hyperion Training for your organization: 

  1. What are the differences and advantages/disadvantages in knowledge transfer vs. training?
  2. What options exist today in training delivery, content, and approach for both new and experienced Hyperion users and administrators?
  3. Is Hyperion really that much easier to learn in the Oracle Cloud?
  4. How can you justify the investment to enhance your team’s skills regardless of experience level?
  5. How can you ensure that your training provider delivers the right content and experience to meet your learning style and needs?

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To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade? That is the Question

As most you are in the midst of budgeting, you may be trying to decide whether to upgrade your budgeting, planning and consolidation tools. This webinar will explore the options before you upgrade your existing Hyperion tools, consider other options, or stay with your current version. Perhaps a simple application review and some tweaks are all that you need? But, maybe not. We’ll discuss a cost effective approach to upgrading as well as how to take advantage of new features and functionality in the latest release. Throughout, we’ll also address important questions such as:

    • What is the impact of upgrading on your infrastructure?
    • What are the implications for your data management?
    • What level of effort is really required?
    • How can you increase the likelihood that your user community will embrace the upgrade?

This one hour, thought provoking session will be led by Anthony Reddin, Managing Partner of CompIntelligence and a Certified Professional in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise and System 11 Financial Management.

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